Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler System

A proper Hydrant System ensures an adequate, uninterrupted water supply, under sufficient pressure, at all strategic points of a building/factory in such a way that the fire is attacked immediately, with minimum loss of time and with maximum efficiency. Automatic Fire Sprinklers are an essential element of Fire Protection as it is designed to both detect & extinguish fire. A properly designed and maintained automatic fire sprinkler system can significantly reduce property damage as well as protect lives.

High/medium velocity water spray & foam flooding system

High or medium velocity water spray system works on the three basic principles of fire extinguishing — emulsification, cooling, and smothering. This results in rapid suppression of fire within seconds and is extremely useful in case of oil fires.
The foam flooding system functions on similar principles as above and is a special system of pipe connected to a source of foam concentrate and to water supply. The system uses appropriate discharge devices to control and extinguish fires which require smothering and cooling agent. It is designed to distribute a foam-water solution to a specific hazard area such as extraction plants, air craft hangers and areas where flammable liquid spill fires may occur.