Commercial fire alarms are essential safety components to have in your building. Not only do these fire safety tools protect the people on your premises, but these fire safety products are often required per various local regulations. Like anything else, commercial fire alarms don’t last forever. That’s why it’s essential to know when to change your alarms and maintain them.

Benefits of Regular Fire Alarm Maintenance and Replacements

When you regularly maintain your fire alarms and make the necessary replacements, you can help keep your property and the people within it safe. Regular maintenance and required replacements are often essential per local regulations. When you have a commercial fire alarm system in the best working order, you will be alerted should a fire occur at your business. And this is extremely important!

Risk of Not Maintaining and Replacing Fire Alarms

If you don’t maintain your commercial fire alarms and replace them when you need to, you risk severe damage occurring to the property and possible injuries or death to the people within it. Also, if you don’t get your fire alarm system inspected, maintained, and replaced when necessary, you could receive fines from the local authorities.

Six Signs Fire Alarms Need to Be Replaced

Ready to learn if it’s time to replace your current fire alarms? Here are six signs it’s time to replace this system:
  1. It no longer meets code requirements: Local code regulations often change. If your current commercial fire alarm system doesn’t comply with local regulations, it may be time to get a replacement.
  2. The commercial fire alarms are permanently broken: You might find that it’s time to replace your fire alarm system due to permanently broken parts.
  3. You need an upgraded version: Fire alarm systems are constantly being upgraded to be the best version possible. In this case, it may be time to upgrade your system to a new model.
  4. The manufacturer suggests replacement at a specific time period: Depending on your particular commercial fire alarm system, it may be time for a new one per the manufacturer’s suggestions.
  5. The system uses phone lines rather than cellular: You may want to switch from a phone line system to a cellular system.
  6. You want a voice fire alarm system: You may prefer a voice fire alarm system and wish to upgrade to this type of alarm.

If you’re ready for a new commercial fire alarm system, contact Total Fire Protection to help you with your fire safety needs.

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